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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Error Messages

At 06:23 PM 1/24/2003, Greg Doerge wrote:

>Can someone tell me what these error messages mean, and how I can fix them?
>1)  ** Warning ** Floor Tilt=0.0, much less than expected tilt of 180, for
>Surface=ZONE018:FLOOR001, in Zone=ZONE018

Your coordinates for Zone018:Floor001 are given such that the floor's 
outward normal surface is up, not down.  Heat balance calculations are okay 
-- not sure what happens to the sunlight entering the zone through the 
windows.  Perhaps the calculations are okay.

>2)  ** Severe  ** Base surface does not surround subsurface (CHKSBS)
>      **   ~~~   ** Surface "ZONE005:WALL002" overlaps SubSurface

The Window on Wall2, Zone5 is positioned either outside or right on the 
line of the Base surface (Zone5:wall002).  Look at the DXF output for 
clues.  It should have at least a small margin from the edge of the window 
to the edge of the wall.  If on the edge of the base surface, your 
calculations are probably okay.  if the window is really "off" the wall, 
then the calculations are suspect and you probably should revise the geometry.

>3)  ** Severe  ** CAUTION -- Interzone surfaces are usually in different
>      **   ~~~   ** Surface=ZONE013:CEILING001, Zone=ZONE013
>      **   ~~~   ** Surface=ZONE013:FLOOR003, Zone=ZONE013

Normally, interzone sufaces describe surfaces between two zones.  (i.e. the 
ceiling in a lower zone is the floor in the next zone.  Zone013 is 
described such that the "other" zone surface for the ceiling001 is the 
floor003 in the same zone.  The calculations will be okay but if it's not 
what you intended here is the warning.


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