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[EnergyPlus_Support] Weather data & file convertion

Hi Linda, thanks for your advice, I checked over the document and 
according to the SOLAR DATA section it seems that the radiation data 
in the epw file is not needed at all! havent un it but logic tells 
me that it's calculated from the nput data, position etc.. .

But now I happen to have another problem with converting the file to 
EPW. Just as Najad's problem (some messages above), I also took an 
example EPW file, put it in CSV format, made some changes, then I 
save it (with error message bu the way )and then to convert it back 
into EWP, it merely does nothing but this error message "errors 
occured in processing" and then another "succesful message" appear, 
but not does the EPW file ! the only file I could get out of this 
process was audit and stat files.

I have taken care of the .dll file in the 

By the way, the cvs save as process was a bit cranky too, I went and 
got an error message saying that not all features where to be saved 
in csv format, why ? idont konw, i's it  te date format? probably 
but only changing the format wound't help either

I would appreciate if you or anyone in the gruoo had any clue on 
what's going or have experienced problems of this nature inthe 
convertion process for the Eplus sotware

hector Ed huerta
MSc Student, ITESM

--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Linda Lawrie <linda@l...> 
> At 09:49 PM 1/23/2003, Ed Huerta <edhugar@y...> wrote:
> >Has anyone asked something similar in the past?, I didint find a
> >related message specifically on this....
> Look at the Auxiliary Programs document.  At the section 
describing the EPW 
> file in detail, it also highlights the required fields in the file.
> Linda
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