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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Weather data & file convertion


  Page 24 of the Auxiliary programs document -- I believe it shows clearly 

Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute
Dry Bulb
Dew Point
Relative Humidity
Atmospheric Pressure
Horizontal IR
Global Horiz Radiation (for photovoltaics)
Direct Normal
Diffuse Normal
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Total Sky Cover (if Horiz IR missing)
Opaque Sky Cover (if Horiz IR missing)
and the Present weather codes

Are the fields currently being actively used in the simulations.

Solar radiation fields are not calculated for the weather files -- we do 
not want to fill in the sky radiation properties for that data.

As to the EPW=>CSV=>EPW process:  perhaps you will need to send me your 
source .csv file (zipped if possible).  I have regularly done the EPW=>CSV, 
change some stuff, and then convert that to EPW.

Now, Excel might complain when you save in the CSV format because that's 
not the regular "format".  Usually, it's the dates that it might have 
converted on the fly to your local region.  I believe we take care of that 
in the CSV=>EPW conversion but in case we don't I'd like your file for testing.


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