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Re: Weather data & file convertion

Sorry for not answering sooner I was out of town for some days...
thanks for the input, although unfortunately I didn't find that clearly shown in the referenced document..
My concern to this point is that real solar radiation data inputs are needed in the file. I thought it made sense that the software could calculate that data from the location up in the first block. Filling in the solar data for every hour in Monterrey looks quite a different deed than temperatures, HR, winds, etc. I wont for sure get that unless I calculate them myself (time consuming)  or I do use a Texas city approximation. Without that data I wanted to put it to the test and see the output, but the CSV file is not converting to EPW. (I guess nobody said a weather file was easy to create! )
I'm attaching a short file, one month abridged...
My guess is that the csv save as process is sensitive to dates somehow (as mentioned somewhere in the MS Excel help menu). I copy-pasted  the dates in whichever local time I could imagine, and the same obscure errors appear(incompatible features) while saving as cvs.
Someone in the excel group mentioned that the error also happens to him:
> Hi Ed,
> If you open a normal workbook and save it as CSV, the messages
will appear while saving:-
> First one - CSV doesnt allow multisheets in the same workbook, ie
you can have only Sheet 1. Next is that it will say it will remove
any incompatible features. I do not know whether you can work
without these error (information) messages. But I have been working
with CSV's for some time now. Each time it gives these messages, but
it does do what it is supposed to do.
> Anoop

... well not in my case..
best regards
Hector Ed Huerta
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--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Linda Lawrie <linda@l...> wrote:
> Huerta,
>   Page 24 of the Auxiliary programs document -- I believe it shows clearly
> that:
> Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute
> Dry Bulb
> Dew Point
> Relative Humidity
> Atmospheric Pressure
> Horizontal IR
> Global Horiz Radiation (for photovoltaics)
> Direct Normal
> Diffuse Normal
> Wind Direction
> Wind Speed
> Total Sky Cover (if Horiz IR missing)
> Opaque Sky Cover (if Horiz IR missing)
> and the Present weather codes
> Are the fields currently being actively used in the simulations.
> Solar radiation fields are not calculated for the weather files -- we do
> not want to fill in the sky radiation properties for that data.
> As to the EPW=>CSV=>EPW process:  perhaps you will need to send me your
> source .csv file (zipped if possible).  I have regularly done the EPW=>CSV,
> change some stuff, and then convert that to EPW.
> Now, Excel might complain when you save in the CSV format because that's
> not the regular "format".  Usually, it's the dates that it might have
> converted on the fly to your local region.  I believe we take care of that
> in the CSV=>EPW conversion but in case we don't I'd like your file for testing.
> Linda
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