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[EnergyPlus_Support] VAV single duct reheat

Hello, Everybody,
I need to simulate a system like this:
First, the supply air is cooled at 60F, then it is sent to several 
rooms.  For each room, if the room needs heating, the flow rate of 
the supply air for that room is controlled at min. flow rate, and 
the reheat coil for that room works to heat the supply air to meet 
the requirment. If the room needs cooling, the reheat coil does not 
work.  The flow rate of the supply air increases to meet the 
requirment.   At the same time, some rooms may need heating and the 
others may need cooling.

I have found the example files of VAVSingleDuctReheat.idf and 
s1r3DD.idf.  I think the system I need to simulate is similar to 
those in the two files.  However, I do not need to simulate the 
details of the chilled water loop and hot water loop as shown in the 
two files.  Is it possible to simplify those parts in the simulation?

Thank you!

Li Zhang
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50010

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