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[EnergyPlus_Support] WindAC output

Dear E+ User,
Looking at the WindAC example, I would like to discuss some output
RESISTIVE ZONE:Zone/Sys Sensible Cooling Rate[W]
This version of E+ does not include an output variable for the zone
total cooling rate. Will future releases provide it?
ZONE1WINDAC:Window AC Sensible Zone Cooling Rate[W]
ZONE1WINDACDXCOIL:DX Coil Total Cooling Rate[W]
While the cooling output for a zone represents the zone load for that
time step, I assume that the cooling output for a component refers to
the component?s capacity?
In comparison, the output total cooling rate for the coil is always
higher than for the AC unit. Does this come from the fan motor heat that
is added to the air stream that has to be compensated by the cooling
coil- and as a result cooling capacity for the whole AC unit is lower?
I found that there is hardly any difference in the coil total cooling
rate (maximum 0.5%) comparing a blow through and draw through system.
Here, I would like to focus on the fan motor heat added the air stream:
if the fan is before the coil, its cooling output should be higher than
in the case of the fan being behind the coil. Or does the calculation
algorithm already account for the motor heat regardless of the sequence.
Anyway, this example- WindAC- specifies that 100% of the motor heat is
given to the air stream: how can this energy input be checked?
Looking at the fan input and output temperature, there is hardly any
increase (maximum 0.2 K) by the fan. In reality fans cause a temperature
increase of 1 to 2 K.
Setting the Rated Total Cooling Capacity of the cooling coil 1000 W (all
coils in this file) and changing the Rated Air Volume Flow Rate for all
components to 0.055 m³/s, output cooling rates for zones, coils and AC
units are beyond the specified 1000 W limit? Is there a certain limit
when reducing a coil´s rated total capacity?
Has anybody had similar experience? I would appreciate your comments and
DI (FH) Alexander Beisteiner
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Forschungs- und Technologietransfer Pinkafeld GmbH
Steinamangerstraße 21 
A - 7423 Pinkafeld
Tel.: +43-3357-45370 DW 1324
Fax.: +433357-45370 DW 1010

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