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[EnergyPlus_Support] Building Overhangs

Hi, I am using E+ 1.0.2 and attempting to model a simple building 
with an overhanging roof construction that casts shadows on all 
external walls.

According to the documentation, specifying and oversized roof will 
not work in considering the shading effects, that the overhangs 
should be modelled as surface:shading:detached (since the overhang 
casts shadows on more than 1 surface).

My 2 questions are:

1. How do I account for the thermal makeup of the overhanging 
portions of the roof since defining it as a surface:shading in E+ 
does not do so? (The roof I'm modelling consists of several layers)

2. What is the difference between Surface:Shading:Detached, 
Surface:Shading:Detached:Fixed and Surface:Shading:Detached:Building? 
>From the documentation it seems they are the same?

Thank you.

Research Assistant
Department of Architecture
National University of Singapore

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