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[EnergyPlus_Support] EnergyPlus Version 1.1 Now Available

(Apologies if you receive multiple copies)

Dear EnergyPlus_Support group at YahooGroups,

The newest version of EnergyPlus (1.1), released on April 17, 2003,
is now available at no cost for both Windows and Linux  on the EnergyPlus
web site: www.energyplus.gov .

What's New in EnergyPlus V 1.1

The following new or improved capabilities have been added in this release
(see www.energyplus.gov/features.html for features added in other

   Many features added to the IDF Editor: editing and displaying IP units,
   supporting autosizable fields, in-cell editing.
   Many updates throughout the building envelope, daylighting, HVAC
   equipment and system, and support tools.
   Pollution calculation reporting.
   More checking and reporting on node connections.
   Improved error checking and error-checking messages throughout.
   Sub-hourly (interval) schedules.
   Compact schedule entry.
   Design conditions produced as location-design day combo data set file.
   Composite constructions data set.
   Between-glass shades and blinds.
   Airflow windows.
   Internal gains report for each zone.
   User-enterable system design (autosizing) flow rates.
   User-enterable surface convection coefficients.
   Free cooling, hydronic heat exchanger.
   Variable speed fans.
   Demand limit and track electric operation scheme.
   Coldest zone supply air set point strategy.
   Air-to-air heat recovery (sensible energy, latent energy, or both).
   Outdoor dry bulb and outdoor wet bulb controls.
   Pond heat exchanger.
   Ground surface heat exchanger.
   Rain and snow indicators.
   Simple ventilation when outdoor temperature is greater than indoor
   Updated HVAC templates with autosizing.
   Daylighting reference points added to DXF file; also documented the DXF
   file more completely.
   New input file example for each new feature.
   Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP and Linux versions
   Web site now includes link to directly translate the web pages into more
   than 8 languages.
   More weather data.

      Available for download at no cost from the EnergyPlus web site:

OK, But Where are the Interfaces?

The first EnergyPlus user interface will be available soon--DesignBuilder,
a beta version of which will be available in late April 2003:

www.designbuilder.co.uk -- DesignBuilder provides a range of environmental
      performance data such as: annual energy consumption, maximum
      summertime temperatures and heating and cooling loads as well as
      detailed feedback on temperatures and heat flows in the building.
      Featuring easy-to-use sketch screen, hierarchical defaults,
      facades, customisable templates and data detail, DesignBuilder can
      be used effectively at any stage of the design or evaluation

      DesignBuilder provides an interface to most of EnergyPlus'
      envelope, solar, ventilation and daylighting capabilities as well
      as heating and cooling load modelling.  It uses the latest
      EnergyPlus version 1.1 simulation engine to generate its data.
      The software comes with summer and winter design data for 1439
      locations around the world and access to more than 500 hourly
      simulation weather files.

      You can also use DesignBuilder to visualise building models with
      shading and realistic textures.  The integration of the
      3D-rendered view with performance data helps to understand (and
      easily communicate) the trade-off between architectural and other
      practical issues such as overheating and energy use.

      A beta test version of DesignBuilder will be available by the end
      of April 2003 from Energy Coding (www.designbuilder.co.uk).

Other Interface Tools

Several developers have tools that produce versions of the IDF files:

www.squ1.com -- Ecotect from Square One is a preliminary design tool but
      can produce a EnergyPlus IDF file once the preliminary studies are

www.drawbdl.com -- mostly for DOE-2 users, this product can read a DOE-2
      input file and create an EnergyPlus IDF file.

www.deringergroup.com/Software/EPlusTools.htm -- several tools for viewing
      IDF files and automating parametric analysis using EnergyPlus.
      Both tools are available at no cost. Their EcoAdvisor product also
      uses EnergyPlus to perform web-based building energy simulations.

What's going on in V1.1.0?

Will there be any considerable difference between version 1.1.0 and 1.0.3?

      Yes.... and no.  There are a number of new features and bug fixes.

How about IDF and IDD? Do they remain unchanged?

      There will be some changes in the IDD and reflected in IDFs.
      Particularly for any new features, there will be new objects.

Is version 1.1.0 backward compatible? Can I run v1.0.3 file in v 1.1.0?

      For the most part, the answer is yes.  Some objects have been
      totally removed (i.e. Sky Radiance Distribution, Detached Shading,
      Daylighting though some counterpart equivalents remain (Detached
      Shading:Fixed, Daylighting:Simple and Daylighting:Detailed).
      Some report variables have changed names.  To be sure, you can
      execute the transition program that will "transition" IDFs from
      V1.0.3 to V1.1.0. You can also view the ObjectStatus spreadsheet
      in the root folder of the installed version.  This file has
      detailed explanations of changes to the objects.

EnergyPlus Weather Data

Last December, we completely updated the weather data set on the
EnergyPlus web site...including the updated IWEC weather data set.  If
you downloaded the international (IWEC) weather data before December 2002,
we strongly recommend you download the new version. ASHRAE corrected a
major problem--incorrect solar time--all 227 locations were recalculated.


We also replaced the previous 'RPT' statistics report with a new,
expanded 'STAT' report.  Example:


If you have weather data that you'd like to share with other EnergyPlus
users, please contact the EnergyPlus team.

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EnergyPlus Team

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