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[EnergyPlus_Support] Photovoltaics - shading calculations?


I am trying to use E+ to simulate a building with a substantial grid-
tied PV system on the roof.  Unfortunately, there are 42" high 
parapet walls on the east & west sides of the roof.  These parapets 
will shade portions of the array from direct irradiance in the 
morning and evening when the solar altitude is low. These shaded 
modules will still receive diffuse irradiance in proportion with 
their view factor to the sky. 

My understanding is that the full version of TRNSYS can account for 
the influence of these direct and diffuse components separately.  
Does the TRNSYS module of E+ also have this capability?  The weather 
file info states that only the global horizontal irradiance is used 
in photovoltaics calcs.  Does the program decompose this data into 
direct and diffuse irradiance?

I couldn't find a way to specify the location of the array relative 
to any building surfaces.  Is there a way to take advantage of 
the "full external shading" capability of E+ to calculate partial 
array shading from building surfaces or external structures such as 
nearby tall trees or neighboring buildings?

I would appreciate any help on these topics. Thanks,

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