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[EnergyPlus_Support] IFC>IDF problems

IFC>IDF problems

STEP1: Used example file 1zoneUncontrolled.idf in EnergyPlus v1.1 to 
produce 1zoneUncontrolled.dxf

STEP2: Opened 1zoneUncontrolled.dxf in ADT(Architectural Desktop)3.3 
and put in 4 walls, 1 slab(floor), 1 roof. Save file as 

STEP3: Export IFC from ADT3.3 and save file as 1zonetestIFC.ifc

STEP4[!error!]: Process 1zonetestIFC.ifc with IFCtoIDF.exe(v1.1) and 
got error message
"Error reading IFC file. Message written to IDF file", and I rename 
the IDF file as 1zonetestIDF1.idf, and there's not any surfaces in 
the IDF file.

STEP5[!no roof, no floor!]: Process 1zonetestIFC with IFCtoIDF(beta4)
(which came with EnergyPlus v1.0.023). There were no error messages, 
however, 4 walls but no roof, no floor in IDF file.
File saved as 1zonetestIFC2.idf

I'd appreciate if anybody can tell me what I did wrong. I'm expecting 
4 walls, 1 roof and one floor in the idf file produced by IFCtoIDF.
Thanks a lot.
Files were uploaded to the yahoo groups folder [1zonetestIFC]


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