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[EnergyPlus_Support] How to set desired zone temperature and calculate cooling and heating load and demand

Dear colleges,


momentarily I am working on my Master Thesis Theme which consider thermal behavior of one model building (7.800 m2). 

Certainly, I am using EnergyPlus to simulate that. Facade of model building is 75 %  glazing, 

there are five floors and building divided on 19 thermal zones. 

I made successful geometry model in EnergyPlus. 

But now, I have problem with setting down desired zone temperatures, 

and also I would like to calculate cooling and heating loads and demands for every zone.

I will try to simulate HVAC system, if it is the only way to solve rising problem.

Because of that, I am looking for most similar example made by EnergyPlus, 

in which I may found the way how to solve my EnergyPlus problems.


I am just six mounts user of EnergyPlus software, 

and would like to present that kind of software to my colleges in my country. 

But first I need to learn more about EnergyPlus.


I would very much appreciate if somebody may help me to solve this problem.

If you need any additional information, please contact me. 

Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing anything from you.




Mihajlo Stjepanovic, B.Sc. ME 
HVAC Designer
st. Pavla Papa no.1, flat 5, fl. 2
Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade 11000
+381 64 116 16 71 Mobile
+381 11 334 00 79 Bussines
+381 11 682 514 Home


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