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[EnergyPlus_Support] Weather data for Hong Kong

Dear all, 

I am Zhongping. I have a question about the weather data file.

How can I get the weather data (IWEC) for Hong Kong? The weather 
data file for Hong Kong is not available in this website: 

I have got a weather data file for Hong Kong, however, it is a kind 
of format for HTB2 (also a kind of simulation software developed by 
a university in UK) instead of epw format. The weather data in the 
file include the following hourly data: dry bulb temperature (C), 
dew point temperature (C), wind speed (m/s) and direction (degree 
from north), solar irritation (W/m2) (global horizontal, diffuse 
horizontal and direct normal), cloud cover (tenths obscured). 

I have tried to convert this file into an EnergyPlus format file 
using the weather converter in the directory: 
Energyplus/PreProcess/Weatherconverter but fail.
It is possible to convert a weather data file, whose format are 
different from those formats such as TMY, IWEC, DOE-2 format, Blast 
Format, ESP-r format, SAMSON, etc. to the EnergPlus format weather 
data file? If possible, how?

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