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[EnergyPlus_Support] About the zone air relative humidity for a zone with windoow air conditioner


I tried to simutate a bedroom equipped with a window-type air 
conditioner in HK during nighttime in Augest. The outdoor air 
relative humidity remains high at over 70% for most of the time in 

The running period of the window AC was set from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am 
every day. In the "Ventilation" field, the volume flow rate was set 
at 1 Air change rate during AC running period and 12 air change rate 
during AC off period respectively (the purpose of setting 12 air 
change rate during AC off period was try to make the point of zone 
air close to outdoor air as soon as possible). The running period 
was set from Aug 1st to Aug 31th.

The simulated results showed that zone air relative humidity 
remained relative low (around 45-58%) after the first day of 
simulation (i.e., from Aug 2nd to 31th), particular in the period 
when the AC was not running. This was not true with the actual 
situation and may cause some error in the "Ventilation-Heat gain" as 
well as the thermal comfort caculation.

I have tried to change the "solution algorithm" from CTF to MTF, but 
did not work.

Is there any solution for this problem?

I was told that the MTF model could be used only in a limited time 
in the MESSAGE 1592, how long is it? And does this phenomenon 
related to the  DXCoil model itself, which was mentioned in the 



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