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[EnergyPlus_Support] Reheat schedule / Chiller Capacity

Hello, there.  Regarding VAVSingleDuctReheat.idf that comes with the E+ 
package, I have a question about the reheat system schedule.  In the .idf 
file, the reheat system and reheat coils have the same schedules, but are 
described separately as COIL:Water:SimpleHeating and SYSTEM AVAILABILITY 
MANAGER, shown below.  If these two always have the same schedules (they 
should?), can we just define one, and get rid of the system availability 
manager?  How does this system availability manager list play a role in the 
Air Primary Loop?  Thanks a lot.  - Helen

     Reheat Coil Zone 1,  !- Coil Name
     FanAndCoilAvailSched,  !- Available Schedule

     Reheat System 1 Avail,  !- Name
     FanAndCoilAvailSched;  !- Schedule name

I am sending one of my questions again here, as I didn't see it in group 
emails after sent yesterday.  Apologies if you received this twice.  Thanks 
again for your help.

I uploaded two files at the E+ Yahoo group 
Files\Problem_Submittals\hxing.  Could you please take a look and offer 
some suggestions?  Simulation runs with LA weather data.

One question is about the impact of chiller capacity.  I varied the chiller 
capacity alone (Little Chiller nominal capacity) in the E+ input file and 
kept an eye on the chiller electricity consumption and the cooling 
demand.  Some parametric study results can be found in the spreadsheet 
file.  The cooling load is about 15kW at its peak, and those electricity 
consumptions look Ok except for at 10kW where I am not sure as chiller has 
no enough capacity.  The plant loop cooling demand was expected to be 
similar for all capacity levels, but something happened to early AMs for 
30, 50 and 70kW.  Wondered how to explain these sudden changes, and also 
the entire days of 70kW and 100kW being very different from other cases.

Also, the similar abrupt changes happened to heating as well at early 
AMs.  I understand that lowering the early AM thermostats would help 
reduce/avoid heating, but hot water at 8am seems to have 
problems.  Besides, what else can we do to avoid heating and cooling at the 
same time in this system?

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