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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] New file uploaded to EnergyPlus_Support

The file I have just uploaded (masterfile1zone) has the following problems:
Temperatures aren't converging to the the heating setpoint (they average 15-16 degrees rather than the scheduled 21 degrees). Sensible heating energy is insignificant compared to sensible cooling energy. Both these results are not typical of the actual building. I believe the problem has something to do with the following elements (though sensitivity tests on each have not remedied the situation) - 
- Fan specification. A simple ventilation object is used as well as the variable volume fan object. The outside air intake is 36m3/s (and constant) for the whole building.
- Boiler specification. There are two gas boilers in the file, but nothing registers on the gas meter readings.
- Maximum air volumes. I am not sure I have a combination of air flow volumes that allows adequate warm air to reach the space.
If an error in the input can be found in these areas or elsewhere, I will be only too glad to hear about the solution.
Sam Roose
Victoria University of Wellington 

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