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[EnergyPlus_Support] Fanger PMV in EnergyPlus off by 0.5 ?

Previous discussion is at message #1243.
I don't have the ASHRAE's software COMFORT(RP-781)
but investigated the problem in another way.
Results shows Fanger PMV in EnergyPlus off by 0.5

According to ASHRAE Standard55-1992,
Optimum Operative Temperatures under 
50%RH, less than 1.2MET, air speed less than 30fpm(0.15m/s) are:
[Winter], 0.9clo, 22.0C/71.0F
[Summer], 0.5clo, 24.5C/76.0F

checking Fanger's book, [Fanger, 1970], Table 13, page.116
the above summer optimum condition is verified.(PMV close to zero.)

I took 1zoneuncontrolled.IDF, modified the walls to constant temp.
By OtherSideCoeff, this creates constant surface temp & air temp and 
also constant MRT at 22C & 24.5C, respectively.
1 People added with 1met = 58.1W/m2 * 1.8m2 = 105W
Winter clothing set to 0.9 clo, and summer 0.5clo.
Air velocity set to 0.1 m/s
One OTHER EQUIPMENT of -105W were added to achieve heat balance.

To maintain 50% Relative Humidity, two constant temp and humidity
weather file were made, T222RH50.epw and T244RH50.epw

The E+ simulation results are:
[Summer] 0.5clo, Tin,air=MRT=24.5C, Fanger PMV=-0.55
[Winter] 0.9clo, Tin,air=MRT=22.0C, Fanger PMV=-0.49

Input files and artificially made weather files uploaded to
Files > Problem_Submittals > FangerPMV_error

I would appreciate any help, thanks.

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