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[EnergyPlus_Support] Comparing Sys/Air temperaturs between Purchase Air & heat pump.

Dear Support team,

We are using EnergyPlus for research purposes, and it is essential 
that we can compare results of various runs. Unfortunately, although 
the only change we have made between two runs is in the type of 
acclimatization system, going from Purchase Air (PA) to a heat pump, 
we cannot repeat the exact temperatures reached with the PA. 
Instead, we receive with the HeatPump varying temperatures in the 
vicinity of the target set-point. This does not stem form improper 
sizing, as we use the auto-size feature, and the temperatures in 
winter actually exceed the set-point a little. E.g, instead of being 
exactly 20.5C during the heating period of a given day, we obtain the 
values below: 
Which are not constant, and usually exceed the set-point during most 
of the hours, except in this case during the first hour. In other 
cases the overheating starts even during the first hour.

The heat-pump we use is based on your file HeatPumpAuto.idf. 
The two idf files are uploded to folder named: "PA and HeatPump 
files" created today (4/1).
We would like to stress the point that with Purchase Air we obtained 
constant temperatures during the entire heating period, except the 
first hour.

We will greatly appreciate a prompt reply how to handle the heatpump 
in order to obtain constant temperatures.

Many thanks, and a happy new year,

Assoc. Prof. Rachel Becker
Eng. Itamar Goldberger

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