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[EnergyPlus_Support] problem with WINDOW5 input

2 Questions:

1.  For some reason my EnergyPlus code can not find the window that I created in Window5.  After specifying all the information I outputed the Window5 information as an EnergyPlus document labeled Window5DataFile and I changed it to a .dat file. The name of this glazing I labeled "WindowConstruction" which is what I refer to in my idf file:


Since I am using macros, I put the Window5DataFile.dat file in the same directory as the .imf file.  When I run the program, E+ is unable to find the window construction.  I think I have everything specified correctly but I was wondering if the problem lies with the use of Macros.  To check, I put the Window5DataFile.dat in the directory where my windows are specified and in the directory where the above command is specified and still the window construction can not be found.

2.  If I create a window system in Window5 using the choices for glass type, air type, frame/divider type already specified when the program was downloaded, do I need to run it through Therm to collect all the heat transfer properties needed for the E+ file or can I just use the Window5 internal "calc" button.


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