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[EnergyPlus_Support] using Ground Calculation Program for Basements

I am using the Auxiliary Ground Temperature program to calculate the outside face temperatures of my walls and floor of the basement for my house.  I understand that this program was meant for slab on grade but saw that I could use the core temps for my basement floor and perimeter temps for my basement walls.  I know that this will be a lot better then using the ground temperatures in the weather file but I am curious about the applicability of this program to modeling basement heat transfer.  

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on how to specify certain inputs into this program to manipulate it more for an unconditioned basement.  

1.  For example, instead of entering my setpoints for my conditioned zones as the monthly averages, I use the monthly averaged temperatures of my unconditioned basement from a previous EnergyPlus run.  As a result, this significantly decreasing the calculated monthly ground temperatures.  

2. I was wondering about using the daily sine wave variation amplitude since my basement zone experiences larger daily fluctuations then my conditioned zones.

3.  Should I specify my slab and soil material properties differently then those recommended for the slab on grade.

4. How should I specify my insulation configuration (vertical or under the slab).

5. How thick should I specify my slab.


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