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[EnergyPlus_Support] Need Help

When simulating a building with several floors and we define the 
seiling and the floor it appears one warning by each seiling:
  "Warning ** Blank name for outside Face Environment object in 
When we said in the  he makes a relation between the both. After the 
simulation it give us this error
"Severe ** Potencial matching surface does not specify "other zone" 
as its external environment surface:............."
Our definitions in the simulation are the follows:
Floor: Name:Floor45676
          Surface Type: FLOOR
          Construction name of the surface: Floor room
          InsideFaceEnvironment: Floor 1
         OutsideFaceEnvironment: Ground
        OutsideFaceEnvironment Object: empty
Seiling: Name:Seiling456
          Surface Type: SEILING
          Construction name of the surface: Seiling room
          InsideFaceEnvironment: Seiling 2
         OutsideFaceEnvironment: OtherZoneSurface
        OutsideFaceEnvironment Object: there are two options:
        -if we put here the name of the surface name,i.e, Floor45676  
it appears 
          the severe error
        -If we let this field empty as default then we get the 
warning after simulate

We would like to know how to solve this problem.
Thanks for all the attention.
the best regards
Leila Félix Henriques (portugal student)

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