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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Question about "Zone List Multiplier"?

A colleague of mine had a very similar problem.  He used a zone 
multiplier of 8, and electricity consumption increased by a factor 
much greater than 8.  Using multipliers of 32 to 64 the consumption 
started to decrease.  I can post his .idf if anybody is interested.


--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "i50330513" 
<50330513@s...> wrote:
> I make good use of `EnergyPlus' program to predict the energy 
> performance of a commercial building which is a 40-story building. 
> had already simulated the 40-story building.
> In order to reduce the amount of input of the identical floors and 
> have a shorter computational time, Zone List Multiplier field in 
> Zone Group object are used to multiply from 1st to 38th floors. 
> However, after simulation of the building with this Multiplier 
> field, I found that the total electricity use 
> and the plant loop cooling demand of the building are much less 
> that of the building without using the field of Zone List 
> Multiplier. 
> Is there any input error in the program? The Zone Group object is 
> shown as follows. You can see that the Zone List multiplier is set 
> to 38 in the 1st FLOOR. Does it mean that the 1st FLOOR is 
> multiplied by 38? If yes, why the total electricity and the cooling 
> loads are much less than that of the building without the use of 
> Zone List multiplier field.  
> ---------------------------------------------------------
>     GF FLOOR,			!- Zone Group Name
>     GF FLOOR LIST,		!- Zone List Name
>     1;				!- Zone List Multiplier
>     1st FLOOR,			!- Zone Group Name
>     1st FLOOR LIST,		!- Zone List Name
>     38;				!- Zone List Multiplier
>     RF FLOOR,			!- Zone Group Name
>     RF LIST,			!- Zone List Name
>     1;				!- Zone List Multiplier
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> I hope you make some recommendation for me. Thanks for your 
> attention.
> Leung

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