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[EnergyPlus_Support] Zone List Multiplier Problem??

I make good use of `EnergyPlus' program to predict the energy
performance of a commercial building which is a 40-story building. 
In fact, I had already simulated the 40-story building.

In order to reduce the amount of input of the identical floors and
have a shorter computational time, Zone List Multiplier field in the
Zone Group object are used to multiply from 1st to 38th floors.
However, after simulation of the building with this Multiplier
field, I found that the total electricity use (Electricity:Facility)
and the plant loop cooling demand of the building are much less than
that of the building without using the field of Zone List

Is there any input error in the program? The Zone Group object is
shown as follows. You can see that the Zone List multiplier is set
to 38 in the 1st FLOOR. Does it mean that the 1st FLOOR is
multiplied by 38? If yes, why the total electricity and the cooling
loads are much less than that of the building without the use of
Zone List multiplier field.

GF FLOOR, !- Zone Group Name
GF FLOOR LIST, !- Zone List Name
1; !- Zone List Multiplier

1st FLOOR, !- Zone Group Name
1st FLOOR LIST, !- Zone List Name
38; !- Zone List Multiplier

RF FLOOR, !- Zone Group Name
RF LIST, !- Zone List Name
1; !- Zone List Multiplier

I hope you make some recommendation for me. Thanks for your


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