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[EnergyPlus_Support] question about translating DOE-2 coordinates to energy plus

I am working on translating a DOE-2 residential building prototype to Energy Plus. There are only two zones in this residential building, and they are Attic-1 and Living-1. The ceiling for the Living-1 is the floor for the Attic-1. In DOE-2, this is doable, and the code for the ceiling described in the space of Living-1 looks like this:  
               CONSTRUCTION = CEILN-1
               AREA =  1858.500122070
               TILT = 0.0 
               NEXT-TO = ATTIC-1 ..
CEILIN-2  INTERIOR-WALL  $ with stud
               CONSTRUCTION = CEILS-1
               AREA =  206.500000000
               TILT = 0.0 
               NEXT-TO = ATTIC-1 ..
I encounter several problems when the translation program converted the codes above to Energy Plus. First, the error file tells me that no floor exists in the Attic -1. So I copy these codes and put them in the space describing Attic-1. Even though I changed the tilt, Energy Plus error file still says that no floor exists in Attic-1.  How do I make Energy Plus think that the ceiling is the floor for Attic-1? second, there is a severe error in the error files that goes like this:
** Severe  ** CAUTION -- Interzone surfaces are usually in different zones
   **   ~~~   ** Surface=CEILIN-1, Zone=ATTIC-1
   **   ~~~   ** Surface=CEILIN-1-ADJACENT, Zone=ATTIC-1
   ** Severe  ** CAUTION -- Interzone surfaces are usually in different zones
   **   ~~~   ** Surface=CEILIN-2, Zone=ATTIC-1
   **   ~~~   ** Surface=CEILIN-2-ADJACENT, Zone=ATTIC-1
This may have to do with the fact that Energy Plus doesn't realize the ceiling is the floor in Attic-1. Also, when a CELIN-1 and CELIN-2 were translated from DOE-2 to Energy Plus, the translation program adds another two surface CEILIN-1-ADJACENT and CEILIN-2-ADJACENT as OutsideFaceEnvironment Object. Is that a problem?
also a problem for me is the code for floor in Living-1. The code in DOE-2 is this:
                   TILT=180 ..
Because UNDERGROUND-WALL cannot be translated by the translation program, this has become a obstacle for me. I tried to changed the UNDERGROUND-WALL  to interior wall, but Energy Plus still says that no floor exists in Living-1.   
I have attached the DOE-2 input file (case0m-2.inp) and the converted Energy Plus input files (case0m-2.imf), along with the error files when I run the Energy Plus simulation.
the attached file is a zip file containing all these files I mentioned. 

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