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[EnergyPlus_Support] Questions about Eplus

I have a few questions reguarding how Energy plus treats certain components/equipment.  I have poured over the input output reference and the engineering document and have not come across definitive answers.

1) The Zone Equipment component  Baseboard Heater:Water:Convective,  If and how does energy plus model the location of the baseboard heater?  Is it similar to the Radiant high/low System  where location is not specified but instead it is the percentage of incident radiation on the surrounding surfaces? If it is similar to the Radiant systems how do I control where in the zone it is?

2)  Does a Zone have to be associated with a group of heat transfer surfaces? If it does, is energy plus okay with the surface construction being just air?  I am interested in having a zone nested within the zone space and do not want to have to define all the surfaces if I can get away with it.

Just to put these questions in context,  I am working to build a model of a local school.  Currently I have the envalope of the building put in, and per some of the previous postings I have read on here, I was going to define the internal walls as part of the internal mass,  but there is a seperate air distribution system servicing the corridors with it's own VAV box on a seperate control loop that I cannot ignore.  I want to just define a seperate zone for this area, but if I specify interior walls I am concerned that the way the baseboard heat is defined in energy plus, it will assume baseboard elements go around the entire zone perimeter  including walls shared by other zones.

Thank you for your time,

Joseph Lewis
Engineer's Assistant

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