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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Getting humidification to work

I have just made some corrections and changes in the Humidistat object 
along with the relative humidity setpoint managers for the new EnergyPlus 
release.  One of the key points that will be stressed in the input output 
reference documentation is that a Humidistat is necessary for the control 
zone to provide a moisture load for the setpoint manager to make its 
calculation.  This is unnecessary requirement and I am not sure how you 
made it to this point without having one in your input file.  As a first 
step I would add the humidistat object and see what happens with your 

Thanks Richard Liesen

At 12:43 AM 9/30/2004, Sam Roose wrote:
>I have uploaded a file called "base case" in the "Sam Roose" folder in which
>there is a steam humidifier for humidification and a DX cooling coil for
>dehumidification. Running this idf using a Wellington NZ weather file, I
>find that the humidity varies between 40 and 90%, whereas the intention is
>to keep it between 50 and 56%.  I also find that the humidifier only
>registers a maximum of around 600W of power throughout the year, the
>equivalent of the humidifier fan power (including stand-by).
>Here's my question:
>Is the rated humidifier power (21 kW in this case) registering anywhere, say
>on a different meter from electricity? Is there a way to make the
>humid/dehumid equipment meet it's demand?
>At the moment I have set up a minimum humidity set point in the "gallery"
>zone and a maximum humidity set point in an adjacent zone (in reaction to a
>comment made by Michael J Witte on September 17th). I have also got by
>without a humidistat in the past (in other words just using a set point
>manager). Recently, a reheat set point manager has been added to the file in
>order to make the exit temperature from the cooling coil variable. This has
>made temperatures tighter, however this may be the reason I am now having
>the humidity control problems.
>Any suggestion on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,
>Sam Roose
>Energy Analyst
>Energy Solutions Ltd.
>Wellington, New Zealand
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