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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Condensation warnings question


The second warning message indicates that the radiant cooling system that 
are trying to use is resulting in conditioned surface temperatures that are 
below the dew-point temperature of the space.  This can either be the 
result of low surface temperatures or high moisture levels within the 
space.  If the surface temperature drops below the dew-point temperature, 
condensation on that surface will result.  The current radiant system model 
is configured to shut the system down to avoid this undesirable situation.

The first warning message indicates that this problem is happening multiple 
times--in this case at least 100 times.  This is used to avoid a huge error 
file or having the base error message repeated 100+ times.

Changing schedule such as control temperatures are one way to eliminate 
these warning messages.  I would recommend running one of the thermal 
comfort models to investigate the impact of changed control temperatures on 
occupant comfort.

Rick Strand
EnergyPlus Development Team

At 03:44 PM 11/29/2004, you wrote:

>Can you tell me more about these two warnings? What does the "count
>= 100" mean? Changing the schedules seems to get rid of them.
>    ** Warning ** Constant flow radiant system condensation shut-off
>occurred: count = 100.
>    ** Warning ** Surface temperature below dew-point temperature--
>potential for condensation exists
>    **   ~~~   ** Flow to the following radiant system will be shut-
>off to avoid condensation
>    **   ~~~   ** Constant Flow Radiant System Name = Z32INT RADIANT
>    **   ~~~   ** Predicted radiant system surface temperature = 25.52
>    **   ~~~   ** Zone dew-point temperature= 25.44
>    **   ~~~   **  Occurrence info=COOLING DESIGN CONDITIONS - VGH
>AACC RFP, 07/21 03:40 - 03:45
>Shaun Martin
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