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[EnergyPlus_Support] Weather file Convert

Dear Linda,
  Is it possible to add a custom format in weather convertor?If 
yes,then Energyplus may be very useful in our station;otherwise,the 
weather problem may be a fatal problem.
  I want to develop a program myself to convert it to *.epw.But i 
don't know how to calculate the remain variables by using these 
knowable variables.Can you give some suggestions?

  Appreciated your help.Thanks!

--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "hbn_pch" <hbn_pch@y...> 
> Hi,linda
>   The weather file is developed for building in China by Joe Huang 
> and Dr. ZHANG Qingyuan.I've uploaded a example file
> (Guangzhou.zip).The city is Guangzhou,latitude is 23.13
> (deg),longitude is 113.32(deg),time zone is 8(hr),elevation is 8
> (m).The units are following:
> //Month//Day//Hour//Dry bulb Temperature(*0.1 Deg 
> humidity(%)//Humidity ratio(*0.1 G/KG)//Solar radiation in normal 
> derection(W/M2)//Dffuse solar radiation(W/M2)//Wind direction(in 
> 16th,1 represent North wind,5 represent East wind,9 represent South 
> wind,13 represent West wind)//Wind speed(*0.1M/S)//Sky cover(cloud 
> cover in one-tenth)//Solar Angles(sin(angles))///////----there is a 
> description in the file's last.
>   At present,i'm exigent to convert some station's weather data to 
> the Energyplus weather file format *.epw.
>  Thanks for your kind help.
>   pch
> --- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Linda Lawrie 
> wrote:
> > The format does not look familiar to me.  What produced it?
> > 
> > What units is each data element in?
> > 
> > I may use it for testing the custom format option of the Weather 
> converter 
> > but need to know the location (latitude, longitude, time zone, 
> elevation 
> > (m), city name, etc)
> > 
> > At 02:54 AM 1/26/2005, hbn_pch wrote:
> > >   The weather file i got contain following 
> > >bulb Temperature/Relative humidity/Humidity ratio/Solar 
> in
> > >normal derection/Dffuse solar radiation/Wind direction/Wind 
> speed/Sky
> > >cover(cloud amount)/Solar Angles(sine value).
> > >   The weather file is .dat file.Can the weather convertor 
> the
> > >file to the epw file?I tried but failed.If it can't be 
> converted,how
> > >can i deal with it?
> > 
> > Linda
> > 
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> > Member: EnergyPlus Development Team
> > 
> > 
> > 
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