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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: demand control ventilation

The object VENTILATION:MECHANICAL works, but it only works for up to
11 zones because of a programming error.  That error has been fixed
and will be included in the next release (April).

In terms of a "work around", you currently have 12 zones listed in
your object VENTILATION:MECHANICAL (one more zone than the current max
of 11). I see that zn014 in this list only has a value for ventilation
rate per unit floor area, and the ventilation rate per person is set
to zero. So, I would drop zn014 from your VENTILATION:MECHANICAL list,
and combine the ventilation rate per unit floor area for this zone
with the ventilation rate per unit floor area for another one of the

For example, (Zn014 vent rate per unit floor area) x (Zn014 floor
area) + (Zn015 vent rate per unit floor area) x (Zn015 floor area). 
Take this result, divide by Zn015 floor area, and place the resulting
value in the Zn015 vent rate per unit floor area.

--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "jms_dtz" <doutz4@a...>
> Ok, if the object MECHANICAL:VENTILATION doesn't work, is there 
> another way to set up demand controlled ventilation using some sort 
> of scheduling?

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