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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: about the window air conditioner

The window air conditioner model in EnergyPlus is "cooling only".  In
the example file WindAC.idf, the window air conditioner
is coupled with a hot water baseboard heating system.

A packaged terminal heat pump model (providing both heating and
cooling) is scheduled to be added to EnergyPlus by the Fall 2005

EnergyPlus contains a model that can be used for residential
heating/cooling, which involves an air distribution system (common in
the U.S.).  See object "Furnace:Blowthru:HeatCool" in the IO Reference
and the Engineering Doc.  An example file is also provided: 


--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "beyangj" <beyangj@h...>
> Dear,
> In my residential building mdel, I set the ZONE EQUIPMENT LIST 
> COIL:DX:CoolingBypassFactorEmpirical object as follow,
>     GAB1Equipment,           !- Name
>     AIR CONDITIONER:WINDOW:CYCLING,  !- KEY--Zone Equipment Type 1
>     GAB1WindAC,              !- Type Name 1
>     1,                       !- Cooling Priority
>     1;                       !- Heating Priority
>     GAB1WindAC,              !- name of window AC unit
>     System Available Schedule-B1,  !- availability schedule
>     autosize,                !- maximum air flow rate {m3/s}
>     autosize,                !- maximum outside air flow rate {m3/s}
>     GAB1WindACAirInletNode,  !- air inlet node
>     GAB1WindACAirOutletNode, !- air outlet node
>     GAB1WindACOAInNode,      !- outside air node
>     GAB1WindACExhNode,       !- air relief node
>     GAB1WindACOAMixer,       !- outside air mixer name
>     GAB1WindACFan,           !- fan name
>     GAB1WindACDXCoil,        !- DX cooling coil name
>     CycFanCycComp,           !- operation mode
>     blow through,            !- fan placement
>     0.001,                   !- Cooling Convergence Tolerance
>     COIL:DX:CoolingBypassFactorEmpirical;  !- Cooling coil type
> COIL:DX:CoolingBypassFactorEmpirical,
>     GAB1WindACDXCoil,        !- Coil Name
>     System Available Schedule-B1,  !- Availability Schedule
>     autosize,                !- Rated Total Cooling Capacity
> {W}
>     autosize,                !- Rated SHR
>     3.0,                     !- Rated COP
>     autosize,                !- Rated Air Volume Flow Rate {m3/s}
>     GAB1WindACFanOutletNode, !- Coil Air Inlet Node
>     GAB1WindACAirOutletNode, !- Coil Air Outlet Node
>     WindACCoolCapFT,         !- Total Cooling Capacity Modifier 
> Curve (function of temperature)
>     WindACCoolCapFFF,        !- Total Cooling Capacity Modifier 
> Curve (function of flow fraction)
>     WindACEIRFT,             !- Energy Input Ratio Modifier Curve 
> (function of temperature)
>     WindACEIRFFF,            !- Energy Input Ratio Modifier Curve 
> (function of flow fraction)
>     WindACPLFFPLR,           !- Part Load Fraction Correlation 
> (function of part load ratio)
>     CycFanCycComp;           !- Supply Air Fan Operation Mode
> When the model was run, there was only cooling energy sumption got, 
> and there was no heating consumption got. The heating period was
> from Jan.1 to Feb.28. I wondered there is a window air conditioner 
> model like the Residential System(RESYS) in Doe-2.2. There is a 
> residential heating and cooling system with a heating coil plus a
> cooling-only condensing unit in the EnerguPlus? If so, there is an 
> example for this kind of residential heating and cooling system?
> Best,
> Stewart

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