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[EnergyPlus_Support] Use of radiant barrier systems in walls/roofs


I am doing analysis on a steel-roofed building in Guatemala.  Typical
construction there is just a simple corrugated steel roof, with no other
insulation, etc.  Ventilation only, no air conditioning.

I am investigating whether using a radiant barrier (aluminum foil facing on
a 4mm thick plastic bubble sheet) is appropriate.  Sources have recommended
a 25mm gap between the roof and the radiant barrier.

Can EnergyPlus correctly model the effect of the radiant barrier on the roof
heat transfer?  I dug around the documentation quite a bit and couldn't find
the answer.  For now, I have created a construction containing:
1.  Steel roof (Material:Regular)
2.  Air gap (Material:Air)
3.  Radiant barrier (Material:Regular-R)

Will radiation cross the air gap, or is the air gap just acting as a thermal
resistance (conductivity only)?  If there is a better way to do this, I
would appreciate any pointers!


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