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[EnergyPlus_Support] Heating occuring past the heating setpoint

I have uploaded a file to Problem Submittals\Sam Roose named
"29_base_model".  The building model should heat at 18 degrees C and cool at
24 degrees C. However, when I look at a period in winter (say 1-7 August)
and look at the zone temperatures and the thermal heating load of each zone,
I see that two of the zones "Big Lecture Theatre" and "Small Lecture
Theatre" show a heating load late in the day despite zone temperatures being
well over 18 degrees. It also seems the warmer zone temperatures are at this
time of day, the higher thermal heating load is.

I am currently using an outside air controller which increases and decreases
outside air depending on the number of people present in each zone. I
thought the cause of my problem might be that the outside air brought in
during winter is too cold and the node sensing room temperature is different
to the node sensing heating requirement (if this makes sense). However, I
can't find a node which might be out of place and there are no node errors
present in the error file. Any idea why heating occurs in this file when the
room temperature doesn't require it? Thanks in advance

Sam Roose
Energy Analyst
Energy Solutions Ltd.
Wellington, New Zealand   

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