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[EnergyPlus_Support] Weather Converter

Hello everybody,
I'm trying to build up a weather file to use in E+, ESP-r and Ecotect. 

I have downloaded the E+ V1.2.2 and I've taken a look at the auxiliary programs - weather converter. I noticed that there is a custom format but as it uses a Fortran "Namelist" input field and I'm not familiarized with this I decided to use the .csv, which I can build in an Excell spreadsheet.    
Anyway, I have some missing data and I need to assign them some values, I've taken a look at the documentation but I couldn't find a missing value to assign to:
1) Dew Point temperatures - I have Relative Humidity values and Dry Bulb Temperatures do I calculate the DewPoint temperature from the values I have or do I assign this field as missing, (in this case using which value?), and the weather converter will calculate it? 
2) Present weather Observation - I don't have data for this field and I know that 9 is assumed as missing but as I have rainfall data and a missing field will imply "no rain" I'm not sure about what to assign to this field.
3) Present Weather Codes -  Also I don't have data to this field and I'm not sure if it will not interfere with rainfall data so I don't know exactly how to fill it. What would be the missing value for it?
Apart from, that I would like to check if I specified the 3 following field  correctly:
DESIGN CONDITIONS,0 (I want to use what is recomended by the ASHRAE Handbook, but in a later stage not now) 
GROUND TEMPERATURES,0 (I may use the Ground Heat Transfer tool in a later stage)
Is that correct? How do I assign these as "missing"?
Once again I thank you very much for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

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