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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: EIR Chiller Performance Curve Fitting

Charlie and SAMLEE,

In the spreadsheet you are using, it looks like EIR as a function
of PLR is not being properly calculated.

The spreadsheet seems to be using available capacity at the current
operating conditions divided by the design (rated) capacity of the
chiller.  This is not correct.... is should be just as the
input/output reference says... PLR = (cooling load) divided by
(available capacity at the current operating conditions).


--- In EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, wing sun lee
<samwslee@y...> wrote:
> Hi Charlie,
> I just use your advice that the PRL shoudl equal to the ratio of
cooling load to the available capacity. 
> Please see my attached file at
Problem/Fit curve biquadratic b.xls 
> energypluser <energypluser@y...> ¼¶¼g:
> Dear Mike,
>      I wanna simulate a electric chiller with the EIR module. And I 
> found that you give a EXCEL example for the curve fitting. But I
> the third curve in your example file may not be correct. 
>      According to the input/output reference, the third curve is
> EIR output ratio in function of Part Load Ratio. The PLR
calculation in 
> your file is the ratio of the available capacity to the nominal 
> capacity.  In my opinion, PLR should equal to the ratio of the
> load to the available capacity. Am I right?
>       If I am right, could you please tell me how to obtain the
> curve for my simulation based on the manufacturer catalog.
>       Thank you in adavance
>                                                             charlie 

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