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[EnergyPlus_Support] COMIS Cp Calculations

The COMIS 3.0 manual gives you the distict impression that it 
calculates a Cp value specific to a location (x,y,z) on a face (pg. 
101 "These routines calculate Cp at any position of a surface element 
on the envelope of a block shaped building"). 

But the EnergyPlus manual gives the distinct impression (pg. 323 -
 "will automatically calculate surface-averaged Cp values for the walls 
and roof of the building") that it calculates only a single Cp value 
averaged over the entire building. You can also put in a schedule of Cp 
values for each facade, but there only one value is allowed for each 
facade-wind direction pair, not one for each "Associated EnergyPlus 
Surface" object-wind direction pair. 

Since most natural ventilation depends on there being a significant 
difference between the Cp value of the windward windows and the leeward 
windows, often enhanced by a difference in elevation, a value averaged 
over the entire building seems usless to calculate natural ventilation 
flows. Could someone please clarify this. 

Thank you.

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