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[EnergyPlus_Support] Request for sample idf files for simple inclined surface with pv module

Dear Support Team,
I'd appreciate to get a sample file to help me running PV related energy
production simulation.
Assume a simple construction where 4 PV moduls are mounted on a slanted
screen which is located on an unobstructed roof of a building. The
slanted screen is 2m wide and 4m height and tilted 75 from horizontal.
each pv module size is about 0.4m wide and 3m height, all 4 amounting to
1.6x3m PV area centered on the top of the screen. the screen is actually
a mesh and the pv module is laminated on a 0.5mm steel plate. the PV
modules face west.
I'm interested in the incident solar radiation falling onto the PV
modules and the resulting energy generated by it. I shall start with a
fixed efficiency of 6% and runperiod of one year using a weather data
file. since i will be arraying this construction, there may be some PV
modules that receive lower radiation because of being slighty shaded by
I need to know how to define the geometry of the screen surface and
properties of the PV panel, and how to get a report stating the
radiation and energy generation for each PV module accumulated monthly.
I need to also know which surface type shall be used so as to account
for shading effects if the constructions are lined up to close. 
In a second file i'd like to have the fixed efficiency replaced by a
real Pv module type that is part of your list (Unisolar PLV 64).
wow, that wish list comes a bit early for christmas, but I hope to
receive the two idf files from you. maybe you upload as it may be of
interest for others as well.
thanks a lot.
Thanks and regards
Dr. Stephen K. Wittkopf
Assistant Professor
National University of Singapore, Department of Architecture
4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566
Direct Line: +65 6874 3481, Fax: +65 6779 3078


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