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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] About the cat00 eq variable

Page 225-226 in the InputOutputReference document describes the use of the 
"category" field in the Electric Equipment statement.

You may assign a numeric category (1 to 25) to electric equipment.  So,

At 03:43 AM 6/22/2005, energypluser wrote:
>Cat00 Electric Eq-Total Heat Gain

This is the per zone accumulation of "Category 0" (the default) Total Heat 
gain of electric eq.

>Electric Eq-Total Heat Gain

This is the per zone accumulation of all electric equipment total heat gain.

Note that there is also a meter, Cat00_ZoneSource:Electricity, that 
accumulates "cat00" electric consumption across zones.

E.g., from the meter details file:
  For Meter=Cat00_ZoneSource:Electricity [J], ResourceType=Electricity, 
EndUse=Cat00_ZoneSource, contents are:
   SOUTHZONE_1STFLOOR:Cat00 Electric Eq-Consumption
   NORTHZONE_1STFLOOR:Cat00 Electric Eq-Consumption
   SOUTHZONE_2NDFLOOR:Cat00 Electric Eq-Consumption
   NORTHZONE_2NDFLOOR:Cat00 Electric Eq-Consumption

in this file, there are four zones that have category 00 electric equipment 
consumption that is shown on the cat00_ZoneSource:Electricity meter.


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