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[EnergyPlus_Support] Adjacent buildings and CAD files.


Thank very much you for your explanation.

First let me introduce myself: I have a BS degree in Mechanical 
Engineering and I live in Lisbon, Portugal's capital city. I design 
small HVAC facilities. Up to now I have used only Direct Expansion 
systems, but I want to use Water-air and all-Air systems (both VAV 
and CAV). I would like to base my decisions after a carefully load 
estimation and energy analisys.

I understand that this group is primarily for e+ users, and I just a 
rookie in the business. However, the general questions I post will 
help me a lot understanding the "broader picture".

?	After zoning the site, if one is not sure about wich system 
to aplly, is it possible to run e+ just to calcule only the building 
thermal loads for each zone in the first place (with no HVACsystem 
defined), then chose the systems to use, and rerun the input file 
?	The e+ takes in account the shadows created by adjacent 
buildings and structures? (it's an issue I haven't seen yet in the 
discussions I found).
.        As far is I know, there is a way to import CAD drawings of 
the site in a special format, in order to speed up the process of 
input file filling. When we do that , besides the building geometry, 
the wall U values, and doors and windows characteristics (if they 
are incorporated in the cad file)are also incorporated in the input 

Thanks in advance,


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