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[EnergyPlus_Support] Voids between zones again!

Hi everybody,
I've been reading all the answers about voids between zones and I still couldn't decide which is the best way to model this kind of surface. Just to double check what I understood from all the replies I've listed what happens with each modelling choice:
1) NO surfaces:
- NO heat exchange
- NO mass exchange (it is necessary to use mixing mode to account for it)
- NO long wave heat exchange between surfaces in different zones
- NO solar gains passing from one zone to the other
2) R - value:
- NO mass exchange
- NO solar gains (because the surface is opaque) could I specify it as transparent playing around with the absorptance values? Or E+ need transmittance values to understand that sunbeams are passing through the surface
- No long wave heat exchange
3) Window
- Heat exchange
- Solar gains
- NO mass exchange
- How about longwave radiation between zones?
Apparently, the best way to model is using a window with a low resistance so that E+ understand that the surface is transparent, and then consider solar gains between zones, as well as accounts for heat transfer between the zones. However, I would appreciate your opinion again on the matter as it seems to be quite complex.
Thank you very much for the help again and hope hearing from you soon
Best regards,

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