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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] can t get the ground heat exchanger heat transfer

Hi, Natassa
Attached .csv is based on the first working IDF.(Feb.2)
The last six columns show you the heat transfer of the GHE.  Before that are the GSHP data.
The temperatures are not as expected for all zones.  I think you have expanded the IDF from the 3 zone model, but did not include all the controls for all zones.  One air loop for 100 over zones is not practical.  Try shutting off the reheat coils heating source during the summer days, and make sure that the air loop is using the same distrubution unit with thermostat control for each zone.
Heating and cooling seems to be on at the same time in the attached result.  The warning on the partitions will only affect the result of those zones listed in the error file, and not all the other zones..
Because I did not run the annual simulation, the table report would not show all the results, but do have the sizing information.

 Dr. Li  


To: EnergyPlus_Support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: natamats@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 10:19:13 +0000
Subject: [EnergyPlus_Support] can t get the ground heat exchanger heat transfer

I have filled in the report to get me the ground heat exchanger heat transfer but it gives me in the results that it equals with 0.Can somebody tell me why is this happening and what I should do to get the heat transfer please?
Thank you,

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