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[EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Sizing according to ASHRAE 90.1

Thank you very much for your explanation, James!
I give an example: I have on one floor two zones having two different summer set-points Tsum1 and Tsum2 and I have to model System 5 (Packaged VAV with Reheat). During the summer the supply air temperature shall be Tsum1-11°C for the first zone and Tsum2-11°C for the second zone, therefore the only solution that I have is to model two separate Air Loops for the two zones, isn't it? 
For the winter season the system is more flexible because there is a reheat coil in every zone.
About pressure drop adjustments in the "User's Manual for ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007" I found an interesting explanation: "The basic brake horsepower allowance is based on the assumption that return air passes through an open plenum on its way back to the fan system. For systems where all the return air is ducted back to the return, an additional pressure drop allowance of 0.5 in. w.c. is allowed".
I discovered that "in wc" = "inches of water column"?.
Best Regards

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> Subject: [EnergyPlus_Support] Sizing according to ASHRAE 90.1
> I have some doubts concerning the sizing of baseline equipment according to APPENDIX G of ASHRAE 90.1.
> 1) Paragraph G3.1.2.8 of ASHRAE 90.1 states: "System design supply airflow rates for the baseline buildings design shall be based on a supply-air-to-room-air temperature difference of 11°C". I interpret that statement in the following way: if the internal set-point temperature during the winter season is Twin then system design supply airflow rates have to be calculated considering a design supply airflow temperature of Twin + 11°C and if the internal set-point temperature during the summer season is Tsum then system design supply airflow rates have to be calculated considering a design supply airflow temperature of Tsum - 11°C. Is my interpretation correct?
> This is correct.
> Does the procedure of paragraph G3.1.2.8 of ASHRAE 90.1 regard only the sizing run or even the simulation with the test reference year?
> The HVAC system of the baseline is "Packaged VAV with reheat".
> E+ performs sizing coincident with simulation. If you elect to make a separate "sizing" run, the same criteria, including "Autosize", must be used for both.
> In EnergyPlus can I satisfy the request of paragraph G3.1.2.8 using Controller:WaterCoil?
> This object does not affect sizing at all.  The criteria that E+ uses are contained in the Sizing:System and Sizing:Zone objects.
> 2) In order to calculate the baseline fan motor power I have to calculate the parameter A according to tables and Shall I model "fully ducted return and/or exhaust air systems" for every return or relief fan? In the IP edition it is specified that the adjustment is valid only for WCs, but that specification is not present in the SI edition. I don't understand why.
> The Baseline model must use the power adjustments consistent with the Proposed model.  E.g., if the Proposed model is fully ducted, the Baseline fan power should include that adjustment.
> p.s., I am guessing that "WC" is a "water closet", but I am not sure ....
> Shall I consider a pressure drop adjustment equal to
> 125 Pa (0.5 in IP units)
> for every "fully ducted return and/or exhaust air system" (see table
> If on one floor there are three WCs where there is a mechanical extraction system. In the baseline model I modelled those WCs as connected to a AHU having both supply and exhaust fans. Shall I consider a total pressure drop adjustment equal to 375 Pa (= 3 x 125 Pa)?
> The rooms which have mechanical extract systems should be modeled as having a Fan:ZoneExhaust.  The pressure adjustments do not normally apply to these. (A pressure adjustment would apply to something like a laboratory extract system which has mechanized dampers for flow control.)
> With Regards
> Francesco Passerini


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