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[EnergyPlus_Support] 2 problems: CSV inconsistency + Heating consumption

I have 2 problems related to the same simulation.
This is a 36 floors building, with about 4 apartments per floor (about 144 thermal zones just for them + some more for core and such).
Problem 1:
In the meter report I'm asking for yearly and monthly frequency of different energy consumption items (cooling, heating, lighting, ventilation). Normally in the csv created i can see where the yearly data is reported and where the monthly. In this case the monthly data "flows" into the year fields (see http://dl.dropbox.com/u/364982/testMeter.csv). It starts at column ALE (993) while the year data is supposed to end at column AUN (1236), so there are 243 overlapping. I want to believe that this is not affecting the correct yearly results, when i look for them, but surely it is for the monthly, since they are not ordered in columns right now. Any ideas?

Problem 2:
For an specific apartment (FLOOR34ZONE0) the heating consumption is absolutely high, specially when compared with the whole other apartments at all floors (26 kWh/m2 year against around 5-6). This is really strange since there is no special conditions in there. Moreover, the whole modeling is automatized with a UI we developed. Additionally i deleted the first 30 floors, just to check if there is some change. To my surprise the consumption in this case is around 4 kWh/m2 (see http://dl.dropbox.com/u/364982/testMeter.xlsx for last floors consumption). i Can't understand either why i'm having such a high heating when the apartment is at 35th floor, and why the consumption changes so dramatically when it is at 5th floor. Any ideas here?

I'll appreciate very much your help on both problems.


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