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[EnergyPlus_Support] Energy Tariff definitions

Dear forum,

I am trying to verify energy cost differences between:

·         a 90.1 Baseline model which has all of its energy use calculated using the UtilityCost:Tariff  and UtilityCost:Charge:Simple objects

·         and a Proposed system that E+ cannot model directly and requires some meter data post-processing ? and therefore cannot calculate energy costs directly

Energy charges match nicely, but demand charges do not.

I tried using my own perception of what the various demand types mean, but cannot reconcile the E+ calculations with my spreadsheet calculations ? my calculations differ by 10-15% from those of E+.  That led me to investigate more carefully the definitions for the various demand types, but I could not find any definitions.

Have any of you attempted the same and succeeded in reconciling E+ and hand calculations? 

Is there a definition set somewhere that I have missed?

Thanks in advance!


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