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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Energy Tariff definitions

Dear Forum,

Following up on this discussion, and with many thanks to Jason Glazer, here are some notes that may be helpful for your own efforts.

As background, I was modeling a building for LEED certification. The ?Baseline? HVAC system was easily modeled by E+ and so was the electricity rate structure.  The Proposed system was not so convenient and required some post-processing of the energy meter data to correctly reflect energy consumption.  Therefore, the Tariff objects were useless and cost calculations had to be done as a post-process.  I was therefore trying to make sure the post-process cost calculations matched the E+ Tariff calculations.

The main uncertainty (for me) was the definitions of the various demand periods.  Jason Glazer helped with the two shown below ? others are similar.

The other important factor is to make the Meter objects use ?timestep? as the reporting frequency.

Tariff Calculations in EnergyPlus 




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