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[EnergyPlus_Support] TRAINING: DesignBuilder EnergyPlus Simulation Training London October 2013

(Apologies for cross posting)

We still have a few places remaining on the London DesignBuilder EnergyPlus simulation training event coming up in October. You can attend any of the 6 days according to your particular training requirements. The last 2 days will be of particular interest for those needing to get up to speed with EnergyPlus HVAC system simulations.

·         Day 1 - 8th October - Modeller. Learn the skills required to confidently set up building geometry using blocks, zone up and define and select constructions and glazing.

·         Day 2 - 9th October - Basic Simulation. Introduction to heating and cooling design, solar gains, shading, lighting, HVAC, data entry and basic simulation.

·         Day 3 - 10th October - Natural Ventilation, Daylighting & Renewables Learn how to model low environmental impact design solutions such as: natural ventilation, mixed mode, daylighting and onsite electricity generation through solar PV and wind turbines.

·         Day 4 - 11th October - CFD. A full day covering internal and external CFD including the DesignBuilder EnergyPlus CFD link.


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