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Zoeteman, Mark R. mrzoeteman at FTCH.com
Wed Apr 30 10:36:27 PDT 2008

Anybody familiar with eQ_WthProc Weather File Conversion program?

> I am using EPW Weather File Conversion program "eQ_WthProc" to convert
> EnergyPlus EPW files into eQUEST BIN files. After file is converted,
> solar direct normal radiation values are blank and solar global
> horizontal radiation values are all "9999" with following messages:
> there's a streak of 8760 bad Solar starting on 1/1 at hour 24 (ending
> on the last hour of the year)
> copy from previous day failed, data for first good record used
> And 
> Weather data loaded successfully from EPW file.
> Re-iterating Weather data cleaning process.
> Weather data cleaning FAILED.
> Weather data cleaning FAILED.
> The program indicates:
> The processor includes the ability to have direct normal solar data
> re-calculated. 
> Some epw files contain questionable direct normal solar values while
> having 
> seemingly good horizontal solar values; this problem can be diagnosed
> using the 
> "Review Converted Data" tab (described above) and noting direct normal
> values that 
> often or significantly exceed 1000. To correct problematic direct
> normal values just 
> check the "Calculate Solar Direct-Normal based on Global Horizontal"
> check box on 
> the "EPW Weather Files Conversion" tab and re-convert the data.
> After checking box, program output is same with all blank and 9999
> solar radiation values.
> Questions:
> 1. Is there a method to obtain correct solar radiation values from EPW
> file using eQ_WthProc EPW Weather File Conversion program?
> 2. The average hourly statistics for direct normal solar radiation are
> included in the EnergyPlus STAT file (summary data report). Can the
> STAT file average hourly statistics for direct normal solar radiation
> be manually input into CSV files and then converted to BIN files? 
> Mark Zoeteman, FTC&H
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