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1)It depends.  You'd have to tell us more about the project.

2) Yes, you can have separate daylighting controls for separate spaces.
Click on the building shell tab.   On the component tree in the left hand
pane, doubleclick on the space(s) you want to specify daylighting control
in, then choose the daylighting tab.  Alternately, if you have several space
that will have daylighting, you can also do this out of the spreadsheet
view.  When you are done inputting the data, have a look at the 2D view.
The virtual photocell location and view direction will be shown, so you can
double check whether you've input all of it correctly.

3)Yes.  Air-side HVAC tab.  Select the zone(s) that will have DCV as in the
last example.  On the zone dialog box select the airflow tab.   If the
system serving the zone is a VAV or PIU, you'll be able to specify DCV in
the minimum flow control drop down selection box.  Choose the DCV control
type that most closely matches your installation - if you right click on the
minimum flow control selection box, you'll be able to select the item help




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eQuest Newbie question 1.When creating a building in eQuest that is served
by VAV and Fan-Powered Boxes, is it suggested that I create a 'zone' (using
the wizard) for every single zone in the building that is served by an
individual VAV or FPB or should the zones be based purely on similar


eQuest Newbie question 2.In the detailed edit mode, can I just have one zone
have daylight lighting controls while the other zones in the system have
generic lighting controls?  If so, how and where do I do that?


eQuest Newbie question 3.In the detailed edit mode also, can I just have one
zone have Demand Control Ventilation while the other zones in the system
have a constant minimum OA value?  If so, how and where do I do that?




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