[Equest-users] Chilled Water Meter v/s Chiller

Vikram Sami VSami at lasarchitect.com
Mon Dec 15 14:27:04 PST 2008

Don't know if anyone has experienced this before, but I have been
getting curious results with a chilled water meter I am modeling for a
LEED project.

The baseline building is a System  packaged VAV system, while the
designed building is a VAV system, but with a central chilled water
plant. I am using a chilled water meter with the campus utility rate
applied to it (this project was registered in 2007 so the new LEED
modeling guidelines for this don't apply, and it's based on appendix -

Problem is, that even though there is a reduction in cooling dollars,
the BEPS report shows a drastic (threefold) increase in Space Cooling
MBTUs. I'm guessing this is because the efficiencies with the designed
building are embedded in the chilled water rate.  Is this the case, or
am I missing something here? Also - if that is the case, is there a way
I can clearly communicate that to the USGBC?

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