[Equest-users] LS-C BuiLding Peak Load Components - question

Pallavi Mantha Pallavi.mantha at som.com
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Thank you for the prompt reply, I found the reports.
I have a question regarding two peak load components in the LS-C report (highlighted below). Shouldn't window glass solar already be accounted for in window glass+ frm cond? If not, then what is  window glass+ frm cond  referring to - I understand the conduction part of it but what is window glass ?

[cid:image003.jpg at 01C95C51.0BF064E0]

Thank you for your time!

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Can anybody shed some light on how I can generate the Building Peak Load Components report in eQuest? Is there a way to specify which reports you'd like to see at the end of the simulation? I know this report can be generated using DOE 2.2 but I figured since eQuest is based on DOE engine.. I might be able to generate the same report in eQuest as well.

Any input is highly appreciated,

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