[Equest-users] Reminder: last week to register for the eQUEST training workshop prior to SimBuild2008

Marlin Addison marlin.addison at doe2.com
Mon Jul 21 09:36:07 PDT 2008

eQUEST Colleagues:

This is a reminder that a 2-day eQUEST workshop in Berkeley CA to be held on
Jul 28 & 29, immediately prior to SimBuild2008. 


This workshop differs from other eQUEST workshops in the following respects:

- The focus will be on conducting LEED EA analysis using eQUEST (emphasis on
ASHRAE 90.1 but includes Title24).

- The second day will emphasize HVAC efficiency options.

- Steve Gates, principal author of the water-side portions of eQUEST/DOE-2,
will team teach the second day.


The first day workshop (28Jul08) is: Schematic Design & Analysis for LEED
using eQUEST, 

The second day workshop (29Jul08) is: Detailed Design & Analysis for LEED
using eQUEST,


Owing to Steve Gates participation, the second day workshop should be of
particular interest to experienced eQUEST users. 

Details and registration for this eQUEST workshop are available online at



Whether you plan to attend this eQUEST workshop in Berkeley, please consider
attending SimBuild2008 in Berkeley, later the same week. 


For details, visit http://ibpsa.us/simbuild2008.  



Marlin Addison

marlin.addison at doe2.com


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