[Equest-users] Load Distribution for Under FLoor Air

Kevin Kyte kkyte at robsonwoese.com
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There is a chart in the guideline that states what % of energy should go
into the plenum depending on your parameters.  The easiest and most
straight-forward way to account for the people is to include it in the
lighting component to the plenum, try 50% into plenum.  The plenums should
be on the same schedules as the rest of the space.  Solar will be
incorporated into your window, glazing, and shading calc's.  Just make sure,
if you have any overlapping windows split them into the separate walls.


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Dear Fellow eQuest Users:


I am trying to model Under Floor Air and I have a question regarding
modeling the load distribution.  Based on the guidelines by Energy Design
Resources (http://www.energydesignresources.com/resource/201/)  it seems as
if the lighting, equipment, people and solar loads should be proportioned
between the space and the plenum.  I understand that fraction of light heat
can be assigned an input but what is the best way to split up the equipment,
people and solar heat?


For equipment, I was considering the following approach:  Multiply the EPD
by 85%, and use that as the EPD for the space.  Then multiply EPD by 15% and
use that EPD for the plenum.  I would have to assign a schedule to the
plenum, but does anyone know if eQuest will still account for the heat gain
in the plenum if it is unconditioned?


For people, I would do the same as above but multiply the Total Heat Gain
(ie 450 Btu/h) by the appropriate %.


For solar..?


I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions- Thanks in advance!



Linda Lam


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